ProSoft® Water | Water Softening & Pool Salt Products by Compass Minerals

As a salt dealer, you’re only as good as your reputation.

 ProSoft® offers high-quality water softening products and saltwater pool salt.

Your customers trust you. And you can trust ProSoft to keep your customers happy, by keeping water softeners running at peak performance while extending the life of plumbing systems, and by helping them eliminate hazardous chlorine chemicals from their backyard pools.

ProSoft® Water Softening Products

 A ProSoft water softener solution eliminates the nuisances of hard water, while protecting appliances, saving cleaning time, and treating skin and hair more gently. In short, soft water makes your customers feel better all over.

ProSoft® Pool Salt

ProSoft Pool Salt lets families experience all the joys of a saltwater pool, without the handling of harsh chemicals and the odor of traditional chlorine. Your customers will thank you for the safer solution to a beautiful pool.