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Water Softening

Hard water is hard on your customers.

Hard water may not be a health risk, but it can cause issues throughout your customers' homes. Fortunately, you can help solve these issues. ProSoft® water softener salts help water softener systems work to dissolve soap and detergent easier, protect pipes, extend the life of appliances, minimize brine tank clean-out, and treat skin and hair more gently. In short, ProSoft water care helps you safely and effectively deliver the benefits of soft water to your customers.

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ProSoft® Extra Coarse Solar Salt helps prevent mushing and bridging, resulting in less frequent cleaning, optimum performance and peak efficiency.

ProSoft® Compacted Salt Cubes with Resin Kleen® minimizes residue and maintenance while cleaning resin beads.

ProSoft® Compacted Salt Cubes with Rust Buster® include a rust-fighting additive to help prevent iron and rust discoloration on fixtures, appliances and laundry.